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Kokam is one of the world’s leading providers of innovative energy solutions.
We will strive to continue bringing added value to our customers and to lead the
energy market through the development of our eco-friendly battery technology.

Type Category Title Due date Location Status
1 2 3 4 5 6
  1. Resume screening
  2. Interviews
  3. Onboarding
  • The interview process may vary depending on the position
  • All submitted documents will be treated with the strictest confidentiality and destroyed after 180 days
    from closing the job opening


view Research & Development

Battery R&D

  • Development of battery materials and products to expand new markets
  • Evaluation and analysis of battery

Battery System R&D

  • Development of Battery system model
  • Development of new technology with expertise in electricity/electronics/controls
  • Offering customized solutions that meet customers' needs and requirements
view Sales & Marketing

Domestic / Overseas Sales

  • Discovering new customers and market opportunities
  • Building and managing sales strategies for new markets and projects
  • Expanding business opportunities by key customer portfolio management


  • Establishing marketing strategies by analyzing global markets and competitors
  • Enhancing company image through internal and external public relations
  • Strengthening the brand through brand management and design marketing
view Production

Quality Management

  • Assessment and Maintenance related to internal/external certificates
  • Quality management for raw materials, components and manufacturing processes
  • Minimizing the defect rate through troubleshooting

Customer Service

  • Customer support for quality issues occurred in customers and the site
  • Customer support for products and technical issues

Production Engineering

  • Development of technology for competitive product price
  • Optimization of production processes through failure analysis and yield management
  • Improvement and set-up of product manufacturing technology processes

Production Facility

  • Operation and maintenance of various production facilities
  • Installation and replacement of facilities for optimization of production process

Production Planning

  • Maximizing productivity by optimizing production planning and raw material sourcing
  • Analyzing productivity and identifying improvement areas
view Other functions


  • Forecasting medium and long-term cash flow and financial risk management
  • Managing the operation of the accounting and tax in compliance with accounting standards and tax laws


  • Developing of medium and long-term sourcing strategies and planning the best sources of supply
  • Diversifying suppliers to reduce cost and variability in lead time


  • Optimizing logistics process for cost effectiveness
  • Tracking and managing the transportation and storage of products by monitoring logistics process


  • Drafting and reviewing contracts, and providing legal advice
  • Litigation management and legal review of corporate issues

Human Resources

  • Developing and operating HR strategies in line with business strategies
  • Effective operation of HR programs such as securing candidates, cultivating human resources, conducting performance evaluation and rewards, and managing organizational culture

Digital Technology

  • Building and maintaining company security systems
  • Building and maintaining S/W, H/W of company IT systems
  • SolarEdge Stock grant (*RSU) *Restricted Stock Unit (Granted as per company policy)
  • Health and Life Support
    • Group insurance
    • Summer vacation
    • Congratulations & Condolences support
    • Lunch and dinner provided(Cafeteria)
    • Dormitories in Suwon HQ and Nonsan factory
    • Commuter buses to Nonsan factory
  • Career Development Program
    • Leadership development program
    • Job-related skills improvement program
    • English education program
  • Awards
    • Long service awards
    • Employee referral program
    • Patent awards program
  • Others
    • Birthday gift
    • Company foundation day gift
    • Traditional holiday gift
    • Clubs

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Energize Your Career with Kokam & SolarEdge