The market for hybrid and electric vessels is experiencing unprecedented growth. Today, many countries have introduced environmental protection laws that discourage the use of gasoline marine engines. These laws prohibit certain engines or fuel use and reduce emission levels by setting specific standards. Electric vessels deliver high power performance while complying with these new regulations.


Kokam’s batteries optimize the performance of electric boats. With high energy density, Kokam provides battery solutions which are significantly smaller in size and weigh less than competing products. These features are suitable for long distance navigation, such as submarine applications, where they can provide a reliable source of energy for long term missions. In addition, Kokam batteries outstanding power output serves as an optimal power source for the engine starter. 

Marine Module
Stable Power Supply for
Dynamic Voyages
  • Small Footprint Compact and powerful
  • Extensive Availability Wide operating temperature range
  • Dependable Consistent and reliable power supply
Electric boats can be divided into two classes: Work Boats, including tug boats, and Leisure Boats including yachts. Many tug boats already use batteries for on/off dock support. This being the case, a tug boat can easily utilize an electric battery system as its primary source of propulsion without making any drive train modifications. For leisure boats, batteries are often used in yachts and speed boats where quiet and efficient power systems are greatly needed. Batteries also provide electricity for TVs, refrigerators, and radios while the boats are anchored.
Hybrid, Electric Boats and Vessels
Solar Powered Boats
Tug Boats
Container Ships
Electric Yachts

Kokam’s innovative battery solutions optimize the performance of electric vessels and
Submarines through compact size, lighter weight and reliability as a source of energy for long term missions.


  • Ferry
  • Cruise
  • Hybrid OSV
  • Hybrid PSV
  • Solar Boat
  • Yacht
  • Tugboat