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SolarEdge & Kokam

Kokam has become SolarEdge, A global leader in smart energy technology.

October 18th 2018

SolarEdge & Kokam


Kokam is an affiliate of SolarEdge which is the No.1 single phase PV inverter supplier in the world, listed on NASDAQ.

The synergy between SolarEdge and Kokam strengthens our capabilities to further enhance battery technology and lead the industry to new levels of performance and value. The two companies are working together to develop more holistic smart energy systems which will benefit a variety of industrial, military and consumer applications.

“By pioneering the commercialization of high capacity lithium ion batteries and growing its business for more than 30 years, Kokam has become one of the prominent suppliers of lithium ion battery solutions in the world,” said Ike Hong, CMO of Kokam. “Our synergy with SolarEdge will enable us to enhance battery technology and take our business growth to the next level.” he emphasized.

“The acquisition of Kokam will enable us to broaden our offerings, adding already proven battery storage to our product portfolio.” said Guy Sella, Founder of SolarEdge. “Our technological innovation combined with Kokam’s world-class team and renowned battery storage solutions will enable seamless integration with our current solutions, taking us a further step toward making solar installations smarter and more beneficial.” SolarEdge is a global leader in energy market segments through its PV, storage, EV charging, UPS, and grid services solutions and ranked 4th in world PV inverter supplier.

Since 1989


Over 30 years experience
in battery industry

Since 1989


Over 30 years experience in battery industry

2021 - 2010

  • Total of 420MW ESS installed around the world (2021)
  • Installed over 730MWh of batteries around the world (2021)
  • Starting construction of GWh scale cell manufacturing plant in Korea (2020)
  • Acquisition by SolarEdge (2018)
  • Installed 35MW Spinning Reserve ESS in Australia (2017)
  • Installed 92MW Frequency Regulation ESS in Korea (2014~2016)
  • Delivered 10MWh Behind The Meter ESS (2016)
  • Developed high performance marine pack (2016)
  • Won Excellence Prize for Oceans and Fisheries Science and Technology Award (2016)
  • Completion of 3rd Factory in Nonsan, Korea (2013)
  • Set up the 2nd Factory in Nonsan, Korea (2010)

2009 - 1990

  • Development of Nano Cell (2009)
  • Registered World-Wide Patent Contracted technology agreement with MAGNA in Canada (2009)
  • Established Kokam Electronics for Total Battery Solutions (2008)
  • Began manufacturing the LTO Battery (2007)
  • Developed very high capacity cells - 200Ah and higher (2006)
  • Developed 20C-rate cell for high power type (2003)
  • Completion of Large Capacity SLPB Factory (2002)
  • Export Turnkey Solutions with SLPB technology (2002)
  • Developed SLPB - Superior Lithium Polymer Battery (1999)
  • Began Battery Business (1998)


  • Established Kokam (1989)


Welcome to Kokam.

Kokam is one of the world’s leading providers of innovative energy solutions.

Kokam was founded in 1989 and started out as a provider/distributor of power electronics equipment. Today, Kokam is recognized globally not only as a leading manufacturer of premium batteries, but also as a provider of advanced ESS (Energy Storage Systems) and UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) solutions.

In 2018, Kokam became a part of SolarEdge, the world’s leading manufacturer of PV (Photovoltaic) Solar Inverters, and has joined forces with SolarEdge to help create a cleaner world through innovative renewable energy solutions.

The strength of Kokam’s premium lithium ion battery technology relies on efficiency, safety, and high power. Kokam has successfully provided and integrated applications in the following sectors : ESS, UPS, Electric Vehicles (EV),Industrial,and  Marine/Off-Shore.

We will strive to continue bringing added value to our customers and to lead the energy market through the development of our eco-friendly battery technology.

March 9th 2015 - July 26th 2016



Zero Fuel Airplane, powered by Kokam battery

On July 26, 2016, the groundbreaking solar-powered aricraft, Solar Impulse 2 successfully completed the final leg of its trip. This project, which took off on March 9th, 2015, involved flying around the world, landing in 17 cities and recording a total distance of 43,041km using only free, clean solar energy. The Solar Impulse 2 relied on four 38.5 kWh systems comprised of Kokam Ultra High Energy NMC batteries to power the zero fuel solar airplane.

ⓒSolar Impulse┃Revillard┃

ⓒSolar Impulse┃Revillard┃

The battery system used for the Solar Impulse2, powered by Kokam’s UHE NMC technology, featured high energy density and efficiency along with the ability to operate over a wide range of temperatures, different levels of humidity and endure high pressure conditions. These factors led the Solar Impulse team to select Kokam’s NMC battery technology for both the first version of the Solar Impulse1 and the second project.

The project originated when Bertrand Piccard started researching a way to fly without harming the environment, after realizing that his hot air balloon required 3.5 tons of fuel to fly. With the help of Andr? Borschberg in its creation, the second pilot, today the 1.6 ton Solar Impulse is flying around the world, powered only by solar power.

Carrying 17,000 of high performance solar cells on top of its wings together with Kokam’s energy dense lithium ion batteries, the plane can fly not only during the day but also during the night without a single drop of fuel. Kokam’s batteries are proven to be not only highly efficient, but also lightweight and safe.

The Solar Impulse completed its first flight in 2009. In 2010, it became the world’s first solar panel powered aircraft to be flown at night with a pilot on board. When it took off at 7a.m. from Switzerland and successfully landed at 9 a.m. the next day, it set a record that day. It was the longest flight made by an aircraft powered solely by solar panels and Kokam’s lithium ion batteries.

Solar Impulse Video

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