Li-ion Cell


Beginning in 1999, Kokam has developed and manufactured more than 40 different kinds of lithium ion batteries. Kokam batteries have been proven to deliver superior performance and quality to our customers. Due to our patented cell design, the energy density of our high energy type cell is significantly greater and the high power type cells provide greatly enhanced performance.




A key factor in maintaining optimum performance of the cells lies in the temperature control capability. The large surface area and the thin cross-section of Kokam’s ionized aluminum pouch allow much more efficient thermal transfer than cylindrical or thick, plastic coated prismatic cells do. Furthermore, Kokam cells create less heat than standard NMC cells, allowing for more vigorous operations.

The heat dissipation is definitely correlated with safety. Kokam’s approach to safety is very serious and has therefore received various certifications: CE, UL, UN, S-Mark and SBA. Kokam’s efforts to achieve superior reliability and safety has been officially approved through these certifications and various defense qualification tests.

Kokam Pouch TypeHard and Heavy Prismatic Type

The exceptional cycle life and high discharge rate capabilities of Kokam’s lithium ion battery manufacturing technology are attributable to unique cell manufacturing techniques, such as the Z-folding design, illustrated below. The parallel pairs of electrodes within the cells offer unmatched low internal resistance, which results in less energy loss when charging or discharging in high temperatures.

Kokam UHP: 0.3~0.4mΩ  
The Z-folded stacking and special coating method significantly reduces internal resistance while increasing efficiency, power, and cycle life.


Reduces the surface side reaction
Decreases internal resistance and retains the material performance

Each side of pouch opens under high pressure for safe gas ventilation

Increases the physical strength, less shrinkage or break down at high temp / Increase insulation function between cathode and anode

More effective heat dissipation
No deformation Core and Good Dimensional Stability


Due to the low internal resistance and optimized design for minimizing energy loss, Kokam’s lithium ion cells have achieved high discharge performance. With their extraordinary discharging characteristics, Kokam’s cells show reliable performance even at a high discharge rate. They are an excellent choice for building up a high-efficiency battery system with their proven performance in various C-rate conditions, resulting in reduction of the total operation cost.

Discharge Performance of High Power NMC Cells


Type Model Nominal Capacity
Energy Density
Current Discharge Internal Resistance (mΩ)/Max. Dimension
(WxLxT, mm)
Certification Technical
Data sheet
Continuous Peak
20~50Ah SLPB080085270 26 249 2 4 1.60 99 x 275 x 7.9 387 UL, UN Download
SLPB98188216P 30 146 20 30 0.70 199 x 224 x 9.4 780 Download
SLPB100216216H 40 159 8 12 0.80 226 x 227 x 10.3 940 UL, UN, SBA Download
SLPB120216216HR2* 46 150 8 12 0.50 226 x 227 x 12.2 1,145 UL, UN Download
50~100Ah SLPB120216216 53 182 5 8 0.90 226 x 227 x 12.0 1,095 UL, UN, SBA, CE Download
SLPB120216216G1H 57 180 8 10 0.50 226 x 227 x 12.2 1,175 UN Download
SLPB120216216G1 60 195 3 5 0.60 226 x 227 x 12.0 1,140 UL Download
SLPB120216216G2 70 225 2 3 0.70 226 x 227 x 12.3 1,150 Download
SLPB125255255H 75 168 8 12 0.55 268 x 265 x 13.0 1,665 UL, UN, SBA, CE Download
SLPB130255255P 75 154 8 15 0.40 268 x 265 x 13.7 1,830 UL, UN, CE Download
SLPB120255255 75 182 3 5 0.65 268 x 265 x 11.8 1,535 UL, UN, SBA, CE Download
SLPB125255255G1H 85 181 8 12 0.40 268 x 265 x 12.6 1,735 UL, UN, CB Download
100Ah~ SLPB130255255G1 103 210.6 2 3 0.55 268 x 265 x 13.3 1,810 UL, UN, CB Download
SLPB120460330 150 186 2 3 0.50 462 x 327 x 10.5 3,020 UL Download
SLPB140460330 200 189 2 3 0.50 462 x 327 x 13.6 3,955 UL, UN Download
SLPB160460330 240 198 2 3 0.50 462 x 327 x 15.8 4,510 UL, UN Download

*Chemistry : Nano

The superior performance of Kokam’s lithium ion batteries is a result of Kokam’s distinct manufacturing technology. Marked by Kokam’s own patented Z-folding manufacturing technology and using a highly advanced form of lithium ion and thin film laminations, Kokam’s manufacturing technology not only results in a time efficient manufacturing process, but also enhances the overall performance and quality of cells. Since the introduction of its lithium ion batteries to the market, Kokam has developed brought a variety of cells, ranging from 11Ah to 240Ah, to its customers. 

Kokam aims to solve the limitations associated with conventional lithium ion technologies, including cycle and calendar life, safety, recharge time, power delivery, and the ability to operate in harsh temperatures. Kokam manufactures high performing lithium ion batteries with relentless precision without compromising performance.
  • High Power Performance
  • High Charge / Discharge Energy Efficiency
  • High Energy Density
  • High Gravimetric and Volumetric Power Density
  • Light Weight
  • Excellent Power-to-Energy Balance
  • Longer Cycle and Calendar Life
  • Low Self-Discharge Rates
  • Low Impedance and Low Heat Generation
  • ESS, UPS
  • Aviation, UAV
  • Electric Vehicle (EV)
  • Marine
  • Defense
  • Industrial, Medical