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Kokam Career

Global Reach

World Class

Build Value


The world’s leading Li-Ion/Polymer battery manufacturer

We seek top talent to join our industry-leading team

Kokam, A global Lithium-Polymer battery leader

Kokam manufactures advanced Lithium polymer battery solutions – solutions that are helping accelerate the world’s transition to a clean, electricity-based economy. Our solutions are used for a wide variety of applications, including Energy Storage System (ESS), Electric Vehicle (EV), Marine, Military, and Aerospace applications. Since its founding in 1989, Kokam have grown consistently while building partnerships with industry leaders.

Hiring Process

Resume Submission
Application forms can be submitted on the Kokam website or on our outsourcing recruitment website.
Resume Screening
In-depth evaluation of the applicant’s skills and experience.
First Interview
A first interview will be conducted to further evaluate the applicant’s suitability for the position.
Final Interview
A final interview will be conducted to determine whether the applicant is well-suited to join the Kokam team.
(20 minutes presentation or interview with a Kokam executive)

Ideal Employee

Team Player

Our Work Environment

HR Policy
· Our employees are our most valuable assets, and we are always interested in being contacted by outstanding talent who would like to join our team.
· Kokam provides extensive support to its employees, ensuring that they have the resources they need to strengthen Kokam’s leadership position in the rapidly changing energy market.
· Kokam provides extensive supports to its employees, ensuring that they have the resources and capabilities that they need to adapt the rapidly changing energy market.
· Our goal is to attract the best talent, provide every employee with the opportunity to succeed and evaluate each employee based on their contribution to Kokam’s success.
HR Strategy
· We have created a work environment where our employees can be autonomous, creative and efficient.
· Our evaluation process is designed to provide a fair and unbiased evaluation of each employee’s performance.
· We believe that, by fostering company-wide cooperation and teamwork, we can strengthen Kokam’s ability to compete in the global market.
Operation strategy
· By applying Human Resource Development (HRD) best practices, we work to support our employees’ professional growth while improving our competitive position in the global market.
· We seek to hire self-motivated employees and encourage an entrepreneurial mindset.


Paid-leave in the case of a qualifying family event Year of service bonus
Dormitory Commuter Bus
Paid Time Off
Medical Insurance
Company social club

Job Description

The sales division is responsible for business planning, project management, product fulfillment and other sales activities. We are looking for motivated sales professionals who can execute on our business strategy and attract new customers. In addition, our salespeople play an important role in increasing Kokam’s income and revenue by managing and negotiating with our customers.

The R&D division is responsible for developing new battery technologies and solutions that address our customers’ needs. Our skilled scientists and engineers collaborate to create cutting-edge battery technologies and solutions that support Kokam’s continued growth.

The marketing and design division conducts market research and analysis, public relations, and other marketing activities. Its members are responsible for crafting and telling the story of Kokam and its advanced battery solutions. Additionally, our designers use their creative skills to build and maintain marketing assets and content that support Kokam’s sales and marketing goals.

The finance and accounting division is responsible for budget management and financial reporting, including general ledger preparation, year-end audit preparation and financial forecasting.

The legal division is responsible for domestic and international legal review, trademark rights, patents and intellectual property. Kokam is currently seeking a dedicated and skilled attorney to oversee the legal aspects of our business. This person will provide legal counsel to the company’s executives and ensure that our business adheres to the law in all the countries in which we operate.

Management support divisions are responsible for human resources management, procurement, IT support, and creating a productive work environment for our employees.