Kokam Indoor/Outdoor Rack(KRI/KRO)

Kokam Rack Indoor/Outdoor (KRI/KRO)

Integrate multi-use PCS to improve power quality

Compact size with cost effective system

Kokam’s Indoor and Outdoor Type Racks (KRI/KRO) are composed of Kokam’s standard battery modules and range in size from 111 ~ 176.6kWh capacity systems upon a customer’s request.

The KRI/KRO racks can be installed in various locations such as offices, hospitals, utilities, telecom towers, data centers and defense bases.


- High Energy type: Compact size with cost effective system

- High Power type: High power

- Safety

- Durablity


Kokam’s Standard High energy Rack is composed of Kokam’s SLPB which has an extremely high energy density. Due to this feature, our customers and partners could have same amount of energy with fewer racks compared to other battery manufacturers.Less footprint and components result in lower cost of ownership.


Kokam’s Standard High Power Indoor and Outdoor Type Rack (KRI-H/KRO-H) can be discharged at an extremely high C-rate (up to 8C peak). This feature enables optimal space utilization and opens up opportunities for multi-faceted applications (i.e. frequency regulation + ramp rate control).

- Safety

Kokam’s Standard High Energy Rack has advanced safety features. It is equipped with multiple layers of protective features providing the highest confidence and safety. These include fuses, contactors, circuit-breakers, and Kokam’s unique BMS system which provides over current, over/under voltage, over/under temperature protection



Kokam Standard Indoor and Outdoor Battery Racks surround internal components with an industrial-designed enclosure to protect from environmental conditions. Kokam offers two types of standard racks; IP22 level ‘Indoor Rack’ which is designed for indoor applications. NEMA3XR is an outdoor-rated rack for weather resistance.

The outdoor-type rack has protection against ingress of snow, sleet, and rain. These systems can provide a optimal solutions for customers’ environmental constraints.

Technical Data

certification mark
Description High Power Type Battery Rack Unit
Cell Chemistry High Power NMC
Energy 176.6 133 111 kWh
Max. Charge/Discharge Power 706 532 444 kW
System Configuration 12 Modules connected in Series 12 Modules connected in Series 10 Modules connected in Series Indoor
Round Trip DC-DC Efficiency >96 >96 >97 %
DC Voltage 792 ~ 998 768 ~ 1,080 620 ~ 832 VDC
Nominal Voltage 883 888 740 VDC
Cycle life (80% DOD) up to 8,000 up to 8,000 up to 8,000 Cycles
Dimension (L x D x H) 1,170 x 728 x 2,231 1,150 x 743 x 2,116 1,150 x 743 x 2,116 mm
Certification UL1973 Rack
CE, UL 1973, SBA, KBIA Module
CE, UL1642 Cell
Description High Energy Type Battery Rack Unit
Cell Chemistry High Energy NMC
System Configuration 12 Modules connected in Series 10 Modules connected in Series Indoor
Embedded Energy 166 111 kWh
Max. Power Rating 166 111 kW
DC Voltage 804~991 620~832 VDC
Nominal Voltage 883 740 VDC
Dimension (1 rack ) 1,170 x 700 x 1,928 800 x 742 x 2,450 mm
Weight 1,340 1,220 kg
Certification UL1973 Rack

*Inclusive of battery management systems and electronic components

*Kokam makes no warranty explicit or implied with these specifications. The contents are subjected to change without prior notice.

*Installed Energy: The total amount of stored capacity without considering the operational conditions.

*Rated Energy: The total amount of usable capacity, taking into consideration the operation conditions. (discharge condition @ 0.5P, 23±3°C, BOL)



- Tram

- Defense

- Marine

- Industrial