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Community Energy Storage (CES)

Community Energy Storage (CES)

Durability & Safety

Kokam’s CES is the only solution in the industry that is completely water-proof and can be laid underground. Acquiring the physical space needed for the installation of CES product has always been a major concern for today’s clients.

Constant supply of high quality electrical power

Kokam’s Community Energy Storage (CES) is built for the next generation of distributed energy storage. CES is a utility product in front of the meter that can serve multiple loads. It improves energy efficiency by storing intermittent energy sources from renewable energy and release for peak shaving purpose. CES is the best storage solution for high quality power. CES also allows regional systemic control and meets a quickly expanding market for decentralized power supply systems.

Technical Data

CES Unit CES-30 CES-45 CES-55 CES-90
Continuous Charge Power kW 30 45 55 90
Continuous Disharge Power kW 30 45 55 90
Cycle Life (DoD 80% @23℃ Cycles 8000
Weight kg 550 825 1100 1650
Dimension(WxDxH) mm 647 x 685 x 1150
Operationg Temperature -10 ~ 45
Battery Certification N/A UL 1973, UL 1642


Battery Module Sizes: 30, 45, 55, 90kWh

Kokam’s CES is available for customization and includes battery module sizes of 30, 45, 55, or 90kWh by customer request. This system is water-proof, gas-tight, and operates in extreme environments – even underground. Also, it can be interconnected with various Inverters / Converters / PCS which each have unique communication and performance characteristics.

Furthermore, Kokam has been a partner with global PSC companies and the product has been proven worldwide. Kokam became a market leader with various successful CES projects for utilities in North America and worldwide.


  • Convenient and inexpensive Maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High Performance & Durability


– Peak Shaving for residential area (2-5hours)

– Improving the power quality and reliability of solar cells for residential areas

– Frequency regulation and spinning reserve application