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The advantage of an electric boat is that while they are environmentally friendly, they deliver equal performance to traditional watercrafts and are quiet in the water.

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한국 정부는 2012년부터 한전 등 에너지 공기업을 비롯한 대형 발전사업자에 신재생에너지 의무 발전 할당량을 부과하는 RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard) 제도를 실시하고 있습니다.

The market for electric boats has grown unprecedentedly

Today, many countries have instituted environmental protection laws discouraging the use of gasoline marine engines. Laws either prohibit certain engines or fuel use or reduce emission levels by setting specific standards. In response, the market for electric boats has grown unprecedentedly.

The electric boat delivers high power performance in the water with environmentally friendly.

Kokam marine battery
Most light batteries are applied in electric boats

Electric boats can be divided into two classes; Tug & Work Boats and Leisure Boats (including Yachts). Most Tugs already use batteries for on/off dock support. This being the case, a Tug can easily utilize an electric battery system as its primary source of propulsion without making any drive-train modifications. For leisure boats, batteries are mostly applied to Yachts and speed boats where quiet and efficient power system is most needed. Batteries also provide electricity for TV, refrigerator, and radio while the boats are at anchor.

Advantages of Kokam Lithium Ion Battery

Kokam’s battery maximizes the performance of electric boats. With its high energy density, Kokam provides battery solutions which are significantly smaller in size and weigh less than competitive products. These features are most suitable for long distance navigation where, for example, a battery in a submarine can provide a reliable source of energy for long-term missions. In addition, Kokam batteries’ outstanding power output is favorable as a starting power source that cranks the engine with a momentary high power burst.

Increased Speed & Operating Time

· Superior volumetric energy density
· Reduced voids, due to its thin and flat shape
· Reduced packaging overhead due to higher capacity cells
· Large format pouch cells with two corners removed will increase energy density by ≈ 21% over standard 26650 cylindrical cells

Improved Reliability and Safety

· Reduced number of cells needed to achieve same amount of Energy / Power
· Less connections → reduction in potential failure points
· Eliminate the problem of uneven current sharing (less parallel strings)
· Easier to balance battery pack
· Safety critical voltage and temperature monitoring occurs for every cell – not just 1 cell in 20 or even 100!

Increased Cycle life → Reduced Cost & Operational Downtime

Pouch Cylindrical
Cycle Life > 6,000 cycles at 1C to 80% DOD 500 ~ 800
Replacement time 5 or more years ≈ 6 to 18 months

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Kokam batteries are used for
various marine industry
  • Electric Boat
  • Tug boats
  • Electric Yachts
  • Solar Hybrid Boats
  • Civil Submarine, etc.