Battery storage:How it could solve our energy problems

  • On 2017-06-20

Battery storage:
How it could solve our energy problems


15 June, 2017
7.30 – By Matt Peacock

Ike Hong represents the massive South Korean battery manufacturer Kokam, which is bidding for the power storage contracts in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland.
South Korea has already adopted battery technology, even though almost a third of its power is generated by nuclear reactors. Last year when a nuclear reactor tripped the batteries saved the day.
As battery prices continue to fall other countries are getting on board.
“In the United States, UK, Asia, and everywhere globally, the utilities start picking up the storage system. They understand the need of the storage system,” Mr Hong said.
The Kore


About Kokam and interview of Ike Inkwan Hong, Vice President at Kokam.
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