Lithium Polymer Battery for Defense Application

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Enhancement of defense equipments and the entrance of environmental restrictions are creating new demand for advanced battery technology.

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한국 정부는 2012년부터 한전 등 에너지 공기업을 비롯한 대형 발전사업자에 신재생에너지 의무 발전 할당량을 부과하는 RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard) 제도를 실시하고 있습니다.

Enhancement of defense equipments and
extreme environmental conditions are creating new demands

Enhancement of defense equipments and extreme environmental conditions are creating new demands for advanced battery technology. Increasing trends toward automatically controlled equipment further emphasize the importance of supplying better batteries. In short, safe and high performing batteries can determine the outcome of critical operations.

Kokam aviation battery

UAV, Drone, and Fighter jet require reliable and proven batteries as the operation environment is unstable and extreme. Kokam’s aviation batteries (Manned Aerial Vehicle & UAV battery) are reliable in safety, space efficient and quiet in power source for UAV and other aviations. UAV and drones are controlled from ground-based stations. Such advanced vehicles require advanced sensory, communication and power components to ensure a safe and reliable flight. Installing high tech components into a relatively small UAV and other aviation is often challenging. However compact features of Lithium Ion battery allow additional space within the UAV and other aviation, which could be used to accommodate various components. The feature helps any kinds of aerial vehicles disposing Kokam UAV battery to be lighter and fly faster than others.

Kokam military battery

High energy density, high power and light weight Lithium Ion battery improves the mobility of wheeled vehicles. More military transport, combat, and unmanned vehicles are turning toward fully electrical or hybrid systems where the battery becomes the primary source of power propulsion.

Kokam Lithium Polymer battery

Lithium Ion battery is the best source of power for UUV, Torpedo and Submarine. Its compact design brings higher efficiency and strengthens reliability for diverse marine applications.

Kokam Mobile ESS

Kokam’s Mobile ESS provides sufficient energy for various devices in the battlefield. Compared to the conventional diesel generator, it releases less noise and heat, allowing for more efficient energy supply.

Kokam Lithium Polymer Battery

Batteries are installed in various types of military communication equipments, providing reliable power under harsh conditions at critical times. The same technology is used for emergency power support in telecom stations and control facilities.


Well-Verified and Market-Leading Performances in the Most Extreme Weather Conditions

In aviation, the reliable performance of batteries is imperative, being able to withstand frequent changes in temperature or other environmental conditions as well as being light-weight. Kokam’s products, battery for manned aerial vehicles such as flight jets and UAV battery, meet these requirements and are tested to be fully functional over a wide range of temperature, humidity and pressure.

The high-power output feature is ideal not only as the energy source of main propulsion but also as an aircraft backup power source, which can function in the event of a normal power system failure. The compactness of Kokam’s manned aerial vehicles and UAV battery solution decreases the overall consumption of fuel – saving both cost and energy.

Kokam has successfully designed and manufactured mission-critical battery solutions in aviation, which have been applied to variety of solutions out in the field today.

Battery Solution for Manned Aerial Vehicles and UAV


Kokam designs and develops Lithium Ion battery to meet the military requirements of high power and high energy density systems with less weight. They are applied for both armed fighting vehicles (Stryker / Cougar / M-series Tanks) and support vehicles (FMTV / HEMMT / HUMVEE). Today, Lithium Ion batteries are not only designed for startup application, but also for independent power sources for other various applications in vehicles designed for military tactics, ground robotics and exploration vehicles for research markets. Together with our technical capabilities and system-level knowledge, we will keep innovating to meet customer’s requirements.

Kokam Military battery
Highly Functional. Certified. Remarkably Powerful.
  • High energy & high power density
  • Maintenance free
  • Certified & standardized for military applications
  • Significant volume reduction
  • Flexible packaging
  • Longer calendar & cycle life

Military battery needs are various and demanding. But total reliability is key –

- To optimize the efficiency in military operation and training in extreme environment
– To provide sufficient energy for transportation

Kokam’s optimized systems achieve peak performance and enable long & reliable application life. The design and manufacturing of the primary & rechargeable batteries and charging accessories are custom built for precise requirements.

Kokam Military battery
Safe and Quiet Power Source in Much Smaller and Lighter Size
  • Freely scalable system design
  • Superior power and energy
  • Extended battery service life
  • Sustains high power in low temperatures
  • Preserved from electrical and physical abuse
  • Long maintenance free periods for lower costs in cycle life



Advanced technology in Lithium Ion battery is enabling strategic advantages in marine applications. The battery has high energy density both in weight and volume, coupled with the capacity to rapidly charge and discharge, delivering immense amounts of power over many thousands of cycles with minimum degradation. Compared to the lead acid batteries, the Lithium Ion battery delivers higher amounts of stored energy and power.

Kokam is taking a leading place in the field of Lithium Ion battery for maritime applications. Examples of large scale deployment of Kokam Lithium Ion battery include electric propulsion of surface ships (100% battery powered ferries with displacement of up to 3000 tonnes); hybrid ship propulsion to reduce fuel consumption and boost peak power, thus reducing reliance on gas turbines and propulsion of diesel electric submarines with the strategic advantages of increased sub surface range, higher speed, and reduced surface charge time.

As with all technology deployments, safe operation requires a fully engineered solution. In addition, selecting the most suitable technology for each application is imperative for a successful deployment.

For example, the propelling characteristic of a torpedo is remarkably different compared to that of a submarine. Kokam offers customized cells that are best suitable for specific applications.

Kokam ensures the safety of the cells by selecting the appropriate chemical ingredients and adopting rigorous quality management procedures. That is why Kokam has over 10 years of incident-free deployment of Lithium Ion cells in marine applications such as the UUVs, submarines, and torpedoes.


Kokam’s Mobile ESS assures successful military operation by effectively using the limited space, improving the condition of driving & transportation in the battlefield.

We also provide our customers with a simple inspection & repair procedure to optimize military operation and training.

Kokam’s Mobile ESS
  • Operational in -20°C to +60°C
  • More than 8,000 Cycles (80% DOD)
  • 95% Charge/Discharge efficiency
  • Strong endurance against vibration and
    physical impact
  • Applied anti-swing & low noise technology

Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery for portable electronic devices

Kokam Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery for portable electronic devices
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • High energy density
  • High power
  • Operational life greater than 300 cycles
    to 80% capacity at 100% DoD
  • Flexible output voltage
  • Robust molded plastic case
  • Strong endurance against extreme
    environmental conditions

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