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Starting from 1998, Kokam has developed and manufactured more than 80 different kinds of Superior Lithium Battery beginning in 1998. The Superior Lithium Battery has been proven to deliver superior performance and quality to our customers. Due to the patented cell design, the energy density of the High Energy type Cell is extremely high, while the high power type Cell.

The superior characteristics of Kokam’s Lithium battery are built using Kokam’s distinct manufacturing technology. Marked by the patented Z-folding manufacturing technique and using the most advanced form of Lithium and thin film laminations, Kokam’s manufacturing technology not only results in a use of and time-efficient manufacturing process, but also enhances the overall performance and quality of the Cell. During more than 21 years of Lithium battery manufacturing experience, Kokam has brought a variety of cells to the market and range in size from 11.6Ah to 240 Ah.

Advantages of Kokam Lithium Battery

“Superior Performance, Proven Quality, Greater Reliability, Increased Safety”

High Power Performance
High Energy Density
High Gravimetric and Volumetric Power Density
Excellent Power-to-Energy Balance
Longer Cycle and Calendar Life
Low Impedance and Low Heat Generation
High Charge / Discharge Energy Efficiency
Light Weight
No Memory Effect
Low Self-Discharge Rates


Kokam set about to solve the limitations associated with conventional lithium-ion technologies, including cycle and calendar life, safety, recharge time, power delivery, and ability to operate in extreme temperatures.The performance of Kokam Lithium Ion battery surpasses the other existing batteries in the market today.

- Heat Dissipation

Below shows the additional surface area and much shorter distance that heat must travel to exit the Kokam pouch cells, as compared to a similar capacity cylindrical cell.

The battery cell is the basis of an Energy Storage System. A key factor in maintaining optimum performance is to keep the cell temperature within the designed range. The very large surface area and thin cross-section of Kokam’s ionized aluminum pouch construction allows much more efficient thermal transfer than cylindrical or thick, plastic coated prismatic cells do.

The heat dissipation is also correlated with safety. Kokam’s approach to safety is very serious and has therefore received various certifications such as CE, UL, UN, S-Mark, SBA and KBIA. Kokam’s effort to achieve reliability and safety has been recognized through its certifications in various defense qualification tests.

- Low Internal Resistance

The Kokam Lithium Ion battery manufacturing technology’s exceptional cycle life and high discharge rate capability are attributable to unique cell construction techniques, such as the Z-fold design, illustrated in above. The cell’s parallel pairs of electrodes offer unmatched low internal resistance, which results in less energy loss in high temperature heat as the cell charges and discharges.

- Kokam UHP: 0.3~0.35mΩ
50% lower Internal Resistance compared to other battery manufacturers
– Z-fold stacking and special coating method significantly reduces internal  resistance  and increases efficiency, power, and cycle life.

- Heat dissipation

        •    UHP Cell creates less heat than standard NMC cells, allowing for more vigorous operations

- High Efficiency

Due to the low internal resistance and optimal design for minimizing the loss, Kokam’s Lithium Ion battery has achieved extremely high efficiency rates (>96.5%) @ 0.5C-rate discharge/charge). The high efficiency of Kokam’s cells reduces the total operating cost in a battery system.

        •    Round Trip Efficiency of NMC cells


UL1642 for all types of cells

UL-Japan/S-mark for all types of cells


Kokam Cell Types

Over 80 Lithium Ion Batteries have been manufactured and integrated into various applications including ESS, Defense, Marine, Aviation, Telecom, EV, Industrials. Upon 30 years of accumulated field experience, Kokam have supplied aggregate of over 600MWh battery system around the world. The Kokam cell has been recognized as outstanding technology – reliable and well integrated.

High Energy NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt)


- High energy density (ESS: ~ 203Wh/kg, UHE NMC: ~248Wh/kg):
Up to 5MWh of batteries can be stored in a 40ft container

- More than 96% of high efficiency at 0.5C

- Competitive Price: The NMC cells have a comparative advantage in terms of price,
considering it’s superior performance, reliability and safety features.

Lithium titanate (LTO)


- Wide Range of Operation: -30 ~ 60degC.

- High specific power: 5C-rate continuous and 8C-rate peak charge & discharge operation

- High round trip efficiency (RTE): >95%.

- Long cycle life: 8,000 cycles @ 100% DoD, 4C charge & discharge operating conditions.

- Extremely Safe: A thermal runaway event is significantly less likely to occur in LTO cells. LTO cells can also be re-operated after an event of an over-discharge, unlike conventional graphite based Li-Ion cells. This feature enables the user to operate the battery cells under extreme environmental and operational conditions.

Technology Specifications

Type Model Capacity (Ah) Dimension (mm) AC- Impedance (mΩ) Weight (kg) Max. Discharge Rate Energy Density (Wh/kg) Certification Remark
C-rate (C)
W L T Continuous Pulse
10~20Ah SLPB065070180 11.6 84.0 185.0 6.60 2.80 0.175 2 3 246 UL UHE
20~50Ah SLPB60216216 25.0 226.0 227.0 6.30 1.20 0.555 5 8 167 UL HE
SLPB080085270 26.0 99.0 275.0 7.90 1.60 0.387 2 3 248 UL UHE
SLPB72216216 31.0 226.0 227.0 7.50 1.10 0.665 5 8 172 UL HE
SLPB90216216 40.0 226.0 227.0 9.30 0.90 0.840 5 8 176 UL HE
SLPB100216216H 40.0 226.0 227.0 10.30 0.80 0.940 8 12 157 UL, S HP
SLPB120216216HR2 46.0 226.0 227.0 12.50 0.60 1.185 8 12 144 UL NANO
50~100Ah SLPB120216216 53.0 226.0 227.0 12.00 0.90 1.095 5 8 179 UL, S, CE HE
SLPB120255255 75.0 268.0 265.0 11.80 0.65 1.535 3 5 181 UL, S, CE HE
SLPB125255255H 75.0 268.0 265.0 13.00 0.55 1.665 8 12 167 UL, S HP
SLPB130255255P 75.0 268.0 265.0 13.70 0.40 1.830 8 15 152 UL, CE UHP
100Ah~ SLPB130255255G1 100.0 268.0 265.0 13.30 0.55 1.810 2 3 204 UL HE
SLPB120460330 150.0 462.0 327.0 10.50 0.50 3.020 2 3 184 UL HE
SLPB140460330 200.0 462.0 327.0 13.60 0.50 3.955 2 3 187 UL HE
SLPB160460330H 200.0 462.0 327.0 14.80 0.50 4.580 2 3 162 UL, S HP
SLPB160460330 240.0 462.0 327.0 15.80 0.50 4.510 2 3 197 UL HE